Cup of Grow plant food fertilizer


What Is Cup of Grow?

Cup of Grow is a company committed to selling the perfect fertilizer solution that enriches all plants growing them stronger and healthier within using damaging chemicals.

What is the solution composed of?

The proprietary fertilizer solution is composed of ingredients that are rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and many other micro-nutrients that are essential towards the successful growth of all plants.  My formula does not include any synthetic compounds and is environmentally friendly.

How do I use?

When you receive your box, directions will be labeled on how to use the fertilizer. The process takes less than a minute to make by simply scooping out a teaspoon of solution in a gallon of water (with the scoop provided) and proceeding to shake it for 10-20 seconds. Then, apply it to your garden, flowers, indoor/outdoor plants, and so much more!

What makes this better than other fertilizers?

Most fertilizers on the market today implement harmful chemicals that inhibit growth within the plants, which result in many dying and unable to withstand the chemicals given to them. This product is 100% Chemical-Free and has been proven to be much more effective than all leading brand fertilizers with gardens, flowers, and all plants! It hits all the main nutrients the plant needs, without implementing those harmful and unneeded chemicals.

Why haven't I heard of this?

For now, Cup of Grow is fairly new in the fertilizer market but is eager to build a great reputation as we attempt to change the world with our low prices and environmentally friendly chemical free formula that is guaranteed to enrich gardens, flowers, and all plants!

When does my product get shipped?

Your fertilizer product(s) will be shipped as soon as payment has been processed. In most cases, only one business day will be needed before it is shipped out! Expect to receive your box(es) in a week or less!